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Fish River Canyon Hike

Adventurous hike with "glamping"

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The guided route through harsh terrain descends steeply into the canyon via ‘jelly legs gorge’ and up again to the rim.  There are no demarcated tracks adding a sense of true adventure to the experience.  Whilst this hike requires significant levels of fitness – there is no need to carry heavy backpacks; a canvas bag with your personal belongings will be delivered each day to either Camp Eternity or Camp Edge where you will overnight.

You will pass intriguing desert-adapted quiver trees standing solitary against a fascinating 500 million year old geological fault. Or you might want to stop and watch a herd of the rare Hartman’s zebra as they disappear into a side canyon. On hot days you can cool off in permanent rock pools and swim between the rock faces while a Pied Kingfisher watches from a ledge above.

Camp Eternity and Camp Edge are as evocative as their names suggest. Carefully designed stone gabion shelters merge with the landscape. Meals are served under a trillion stars and when you retire to the comfort of your tent, nature’s elements – either harsh or heavenly – are close by and keep you company through the night.

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